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Natural disasters destroy..........

• Lives
• Homes
• Communities
• Businesses

Millions of innocent people are left without shelter and little help.
Relief organizations use our ISO Storage Containers for.....

Temporary or Permanent Housing

From earthquakes in Haiti to deadly tsunamis around the world,  Storage Containers provide housing to millions of men, women and children. They can stay warm, dry and clean. Your storage containers can have bathrooms, kitchens and bunks put inside.

If you're a relief organization look no further than Affordable Storage Containers.
Since 2000 relief organizations around the world have used our Storage Containers to provide shelter and safety to natural disaster victims.


Relief Command Center

Coordinating a relief effort takes skill, manpower and organization.  Storage Containers can serve as "ground zero" command centers for relief efforts. They can easily be converted into office space with desks and other office equipment.


Food Storage

Warehouses and other storage facilities can be damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster.  Storage Containers will store any dried or refrigerated food.

Temporary Hospital

Medical facilities at "ground zero" may be unusable in a natural disaster. A Storage Container makes an excellent replacement. You can set up a medical complex using two or more storage containers. Medical personnel will be able to safely treat injured victims.

Supply Storage • Sheds

Store needed supplies for local disaster survivors and relief workers. These supplies can include……

• Medical Equipment
• Cooking Utensils and Equipment
• Building Supplies

Bolster your relief efforts with our ISO Shelter Containers.

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