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Military ISO Storage Containers Military Storage Modifications

Branches of the military need ISO Storage Containers that are……..

1. Easy to Track
2. Versatile
3. Secure
4. Water Tight
5. Weather Resistant
6. Easily Camouflaged

Military Container Remodel

We offer ISO Storage Containers for military purposes. These include…………

Sensitive Missions
They can be used for staging areas..

International Relocation
The Military relocates soldiers around the world. These soldiers need their items stored and shipped to their new destinations. Their personal belongings can be stored and shipped with our ISO Storage Containers. They can be shipped by truck, train or cargo ship.

Mobile Command Center
 You can easily equip it with……

• Computers and Computer Databases
• Satellite Communication Systems
• Bunks and Weaponry
• Other Necessary Military Equipment

Due to their steel exterior and difficulty in penetrating, these storage containers make an excellent temporary detention center for enemy combatants.

Storing Parts and Supplies
You can safely ship or store engineering parts for military vehicles and equipment. You can use Military ISO Storage Containers to…..

• Improve Military Cargo Security
• Decreasing Cargo Tampering
• Storing Small Military Vehicles

The United States Military has the best weaponry in the world. This makes it effective and expensive. Protect your weaponry, by converting ISO Storage Containers into a secure armory. These storage containers can be stored on bases in the U.S. or other parts of the world.

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Since 2000 we’ve helped the military choose and purchase the ISO Storage Containers they need for sensitive missions, international relocations and more.

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