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Cities and counties can use ISO Storage Containers for various uses.
One can be for Law Enforcement Purposes.

S.W.A.T. Trainings
Test S.W.A.T. Team skill and tactics, by setting up storage containers as mock homes. They can be used to stage…..

• Drug Raids
• Felony Arrests
• Hostage Situations

And other vital purposes to help train and sharpen S.W.A.T. Team skills.
Like the military your ISO Storage Container can be converted into an armory or for other uses.

Police Command Center
In major crime events ISO Storage Containers can be used to……..

• Keep the Media at a Safe Distance
• Coordinate with Officers in the Field
• Run Hostage Negotiations
• Serve as a Temporary Jail for Large Scale Arrests

Mobile Crime Lab
Some crime scenes are larger than others. This may require law enforcement to investigate and process the crime scene for longer periods. Since ISO Storage Containers are…………

• Water Tight
• Leak Proof
• Wind Resistant
• Secure

They can be easily converted into a mobile crime lab.

Temporary Jails
At large events some folks will get out of hand. You may need an immediate location for detention and processing. Convert ISO Storage Containers into temporary jails for events such as…..

• Concerts and Political Events
• Community Protests
• Sporting Events

Training Center
Building a new police complex or training center is expensive.
Cut your costs by using ISO Storage Containers for training centers.
They can be converted into office space and classrooms.
Definitely helpful for police departments located in rural areas.

The needs and duties of law enforcement continue to grow. Stay versatile and under budget with our ISO Storage Containers.

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