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1. Storage
2. Military Use
3. Modifications
4. Office Use
5. Commercial on site storage 
6. Personal Storage

As a business owner, purchasing agent, maintenance director or operations manager, we know you need ISO Storage Containers that are………

  • Durable: The storage containers you buy must be wind and water tight
  • Affordable: Your budget is tight in a down economy. You need budget-friendly storage containers and service that saves you money.
  • High Performers: You need storage containers that can store refrigerated and dried goods. And can hold up under any weather conditions.

That’s why you should choose………..

Your Source for Affordable Storage and Refrigerated containers.

Since 2000 we’ve supplied our customers with affordable new and used  containers and related products. Each is well equipped to meet your budget, storage and durability standards.

Storage Container Products

1. ISO Storage Containers (Dry and Refrigerated)
2. Used Chassis' all sizes
3. containers (Dry and Refrigerated)
4. Flat Racks
5. Open-Top Containers
6. Diesel Generators (15kvw)
7. Custom Storage modifications

You’ll get these storage containers and other products at the most affordable prices in the industry.

Storage Container Services Provided

• International sourcing and logistics
• Transportation Coordination
• Ground deliveries
• Modification Services
• Expert Advice

Please see our Services page for details.


Storage Container Applications

Customers choose ISO Storage Containers for various uses. They have an incredible array of applications. These include……….

• Industrial and Commercial
• Military Use
• Mobile Storage Units
• Mobile Offices
• Laboratories
• Emergency Power Generators
• Holding Wireless Communication Equipment

Our ISO Storage Containers are preferred by………

1. Military Branches
2. Relief Organizations
3. Businesses
4. Counties and Cities
5. Schools
6. Healthcare Organizations

Our storage containers are………

• Wind Resistant
• Water Tight
• Structually sound
• Portable

Their steel exterior keeps your storage container secure and safe. Plus they’re…

• Affordable
• Reliable
• Mobile

We offer ISO Storage Containers that are clean and safe, guaranteed!

Storage Container Customization and Modifications

Our modification services are second to none. Contact us if you need a storage container modified for………

• Kitchens
• Electricity
• Converted into a Laboratory
• Shelters
• Office Space
• Portable Home
• Limited only by your imagination

See our Custom Storage Applications page for details.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping or transporting items by truck or train, your items will stay safe and contained.

Why Choose Affordable Storage Containers?


Experience: With over 30 years in the storage container industry we fully understand all facets of ISO storage containers.

Expertise: Military and relief organizations like our industry knowledge and expertise. We advise these and other organizations on how to choose the best storage container units for their special use.

Strong Presence: Less experienced companies sell ISO Storage Containers out of their cars. We maintain an actual container depots in various loctions. And we have customers in the Pacific Northwest and all over the world.

Customer Service: From relief organizations to the military we equip our customers with the……..

• Products and Services to do Their Jobs
• Budget-Friendly Storage Containers and Other Products to Save Them Money
• Knowledge, Tips and Advice to Buy the Storage Containers They Need Now
• Understanding and Patience in the “Red Tape” of Ordering Storage Containers

Purchasing Storage Containers

How to Order

Contact us and let us know………

1. Which storage container or product you need. And if you need a new or used model.
2. If you need a standard or custom storage container.
3. When you need your ISO Storage Container or other product, delivered.
4. Your delivery destination.
5. Company and contact information.

Delivery Alert #1:  Please allow a couple of days to schedule a ground delivery.

Delivery Alert #2: Orders can be completed and shipped within a few days depending on inventory.

Contact a Storage Container Specialist today at 253-588-5977.

We’ll provide you with affordable container solutions, anytime, anywhere!

We’re your source for affordable storage and refrigerated containers.

Affordable Storage Containers
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